VisualPulse New Release Information

Version 6.2a
30th January, 2014

Version 6.2b Enhancements - 30th January 2014:

• Java Certificate Update

Version 6.2a Enhancements - 21st September 2011:

• Major bug fix in Linux ping engine
• Changes to web test to handle non-normal port numbers

Version 6.1d Enhancements - 31st March 2011:

• Bug fix in relation to ping packets larger than 500bytes on windows machiens. Bug caused the packet to fail on return.

Version 6.1c Enhancements - 21st December 2010:

• Bug fix for loading hosts over key limit.

Version 6.1b Enhancements:

• Bug fix for 100% down sites.

Version 6.1a Enhancements:

• New feature, Ping code converted and improved.
• Bug fix, web test code bug fix.
• Bug fix, on fresh install, configuration file saved immediately on startup.
• Bug fix, reduced volumuous message from log files.
• Known problem. Only 32bit JVMs supported on Linux

Version 6.0g Enhancements:

• Big fixes

Version 6.0e Enhancements:

• Tracereporting HTML now has a filter. ms> or ms< or ms= alias= or name= or ip= and or are supported.

Version 6.0d Enhancements:

• HTML fix to template editing. Minor HTML changes elsewhere.

Version 6.0c Enhancements:

• Minor enhancements to improve performance.

Version 6.0a Enhancements:

• New Professional Edition replaces the Router Edition
• Simplified summary panel for status of monitored hosts
• Improved native support for Unix. Virtual frame buffer no longer required
• Support for batch alerts allow local server scripts (.bat and .sh ) to be run.
• Supports multiple HTTP performance tests per monitored host
• Supports multiple application PORT tests per monitored host
• Improved alert configuration available using the browser.
• Detailed and History reports now report the assigned alias names.
• HTTP and HTTP tests improved configuration
• License key application supported in the browser
• Professional Edition now supports configuration of router bandwidth limits.
• Discontinued support for server-side response time graphs
• Discontinued support for TempTrax environment probes

Version 5.2d Enhancements:

• SMTP audit improvements for support purposes.

Version 5.2c Enhancements:

• Add or delete multiple hosts to be monitored
• Improved SMTP mail support
• Improved reporting of alarms
• Improved ARP network monitoring by supporting the configuration of two pings per device. Details.

Version 5.1d Enhancements:

• Maintenance Release

Version 5.1c Enhancements:

• Improvements to HTML response reporting for web pages a browser requests of the VisualPulse engine, conformant to RFCs.
• Expanded information in the template file for events.
• Bug fix in the event dispatching Windows Event Log.

Version 5.1b Enhancements:

• Improvements to the management of last email sending.
• Bug fix in plot applet for 4 port Temptrax entities.
• Global and per host feature to suppress test type metrics for applets/plots.
• Performance improvements in the checking of event triggering code.
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