Network monitoring and IP monitoring by VisualPulse Download VisualPulse and start monitoring your network devices and domains
IP Monitor

IP monitor

Continuously monitor hundreds of IP addresses to ensure they are not only responding but performing correctly.
Network Management

Network Management

Easy access to latency, packet loss, down time and other key metrics to ensure your devices are not only responding but performing too. Set latency thresholds to sort devices by how they're responding. This ensures you are notified when the slightest change takes place.
Network reporting

Network reporting

Easily create detailed reports. Analyze all the data collected by VisualPulse to get a better understanding of how your network is performing and easily spot patterns and anomaly's.

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Casestudies and Testimonials

University of Texas Relies on VisualPulse to Ensure Network Availability

The University of Texas CTO is responsible for a number of enterprise servers that the University depends on for day-to-day operations and to support over 10,000 faculty and students....

Interwise Improves On-Line Collaboration Services Delivery with VisualPulse’ s Network Availability Reporting

Offering on-line collaberation services via the Internet makes it essential for Interwise to closely monitor their network performance and information technology (IT) environment....

I'm gushing with joy right now...this is the tool [VisualPulse] I've been looking to buy for AGES, but I couldn't find anything out there that did it for a reasonable price. The funny thing is that I've owned VisualRoute for several months (and I love it, too!)

- Kevin R. Smith, Website Results

VisualPulse screenshots

VisualPulse main server side menu
VisualPulse Server Side menu showing the main IP monitor and reporting options.

Monitored device list showing latency and packet loss of each device making key loss and response data easily accessible.

Live or historical data in graph form
View live data or historical data in graph form for any device. This allows for easy identification of problems that occur so they can be solved fast.

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